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Department of Consumer and Family Studies/Dietetics

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Beginning in 2007, the Consumer & Family Studies/Dietetics (ADM/CFS/ID 600 Professional Development class) began experimenting with the use of ePortfolios. Faculty members Joan Frank and Gus Vouchilas, with support from Chair Nancy Rabolt encouraged students to use a variety of approaches toward the creation of their portfolios including web-templates, and web-based programs such as Google Sites,, and

Students in the various Family & Consumer Science sub-disciplines had been creating paper-based portfolios for many years, so the pedagogy and guidelines were already established. The process however of "transplanting" from paper to web-based portfolios has taken four years.  Through this same process, faculty have revisited and revised the outcome measurements as ePortfolios brought about some new aspects of portfolio development germane to online versions, such as the ability to click on an image and be able to clearly view it at the proper size where details are readily apparent as well as strong organization of elements.  Given the fact that online portfolios become instantly universal, it is paramount that they are checked for accuracies and proper content.

Today, ePortfolios have largely become the method of choice for most of the CFS/D students.  While the digitizing aspects of comprising a portfolio require time and dedication, the outcomes are worth the investment.  The ability to showcase one's work globally is a substantial benefit particularly in a global environment.  The ease of updating work and making changes, that are viewed instantaneously, is a vital asset in today's world.

Many students now establish their own domain sites to highlight the work they've done in Consumer & Family Studies.

Below are some examples of Rubrics used within the departments to assess the portfolios. Please click on any of the links below to download the file(s).

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Apparel Design and Merchandising ePortfolio Rubric

Nutrition, Foodservice Systems Management ePortfolio Rubric

Interior Design ePortfolio Rubric

Child and Family Sciences ePortfolio Rubric

General Teacher Preparation ePortfolio Rubric

CFSD Portfolio Examples

Violet Leiva's Portfolio Snapshot
e-Portfolio created with myeFolio