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Since 2007, the English Education program has employed ePortfolio in the preparation of future teachers of English.  During the final semester of their undergraduate careers, students in the English Education concentration of the English major re-examine their learning in four domains of knowledge defined by the state of California as essential for well-prepared teachers of English: Literature and Textual Analysis; Language, Linguistics, and Literacy; Composition and Rhetoric; and Speech, Media and Creative Performance.

Students compose two kinds of reflection to create their portfolios:

1) They reflect globally about each of the domains, considering the most important ideas they have learned, debates in that domain of English studies and their positions in those debates, and how they will apply their learning to teaching.

2) They reflect specifically on individual texts they produced as undergraduates, describing the ways in which those texts demonstrate their competency in one of the four domains.

Together, these reflections not only encourage students to value their undergraduate experiences but prepare them to apply that learning to the next stage of their professional journeys--the credential program and teaching.

These ePortfolios were originally built using the Carnegie Foundation's KEEP Toolkit, a solution now available as the MERLOT Content-Builder tool. Students currently create their ePortfolios using eFolio software with assistance from Academic Technology at SF State.

Additional Resources: English Education ePortfolio Directions prepared by Professor Nelson Graff are linked in documents below. A reference site for students, with more specific directions is linked to your right.

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