Project Overview:

From their first semester, the Liberal Studies Department guides students through a required in-depth process of collecting their work, reflecting through writing, saving signature projects across four core areas and ultimately creating their ePortfolios.

The project began in 2008-09 with active planning by Liberal Studies faculty Tanya Augsburg, Logan Hennessy, Tendai Chitewere and Acacio de Barros to establish the portfolio structure and requirements.

In partnership with Academic Technology, 90 minute introductory eFolio training sessions are conducted within the "Gateway" LS course (LS 300) and are a required component within a Capstone course (LS 690).

Here are some excerpts from the Liberal Studies Handbook (full document in link below):

What's the Purpose of Your eFolio?
Your eFolio will demonstrate your knowledge and skills as a Liberal Studies major through artifacts, which are documented pieces of evidence and samples, from your academic classes and co-curricular experiences.

Your eFolio will serve as both a formative and summative evaluation tool. As a formative tool, you will use the eFolio to cultivate relationships with your advisors and other faculty members, providing a foundation for your academic and professional development during the program. Therefore it will be important for you to keep your eFolio up to date as you progress in the program to facilitate Liberal Studies program advising. Once you complete your eFolio in your Liberal Studies Senior Seminar (LS 690), it will serve as a summative tool to demonstrate what you have learned during your undergraduate education.

eFolio and Your Identity as a Liberal Studies Major
Your Liberal Studies efolio is a tool to help you establish your academic and professional identities. What kind of self-image do you want to present to the world? We all have different aspects to our identities-there are social network sites such as Facebook where you might post information about your personal life and photos from your weekends. You need to be mindful of what you post. A photo displaying inappropriate behavior such as underage drinking may be funny to you and your friends now, but a prospective employer or graduate school admissions officer might think differently years from now. As a Liberal Studies major at San Francisco State, you are representing both your major and your university. The value of your degree depends on many factors, including the image of your major and your university. So you need to think carefully of how you represent yourself.

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