Project Overview:
Metro Academies: A Learning Community for the First Two Years of College With programs at SF State & City College of San Francisco

Metro Academy of Health was developed to support the next generation of leaders in health education in urban communities. Each Metro Academy is a 'school within a school' to give students an educational home in their first two years of college. Metro gives personalized support for college success through in-class academic support and tutoring.  In Metro Academy, students build a solid foundation for college success and meaningful work in urban health and human services. They also create ePortfolios to document their work in the program.

Here is a reference site with information for students creating their ePortfolios in the Metro Program.

Metro Academies' mission is to increase equity in college completion through engaging, supportive, rigorous, and socially relevant education. The use of ePortfolios ties directly in with the mission statement by providing a framework for students to archive their work, reflect on past learning and showcase their academic growth.

The objectives of Metro ePortfolios include:
  • To enhance student learning and goal setting
  • To provide a physical space for students to reflect on their learning and to think about what it is they are learning
  • To represent an individual's efforts, progress and achievements over time
  • To develop an understanding of how to build a professional online identity
  • To provide a way for students to showcase their abilities (to friends, family, potential employers, potential graduate programs, etc.)
  • To help students develop technical skills
  • To assist students in their job search nearing and after graduation
  • To help the program assess how well it is achieving its goals around teaching and learning
  • To enhance understanding and mastery of the ethical and copyright issues involved in a professional online profile (publication)

Guidelines for Metro Academy Student Portfolios:

The structure of the Metro ePortfoliio elevates the work of students both inside and outside the classroom. The general structure of the site is listed below.

1) Welcome

2) About Me

3) My Goals

  1. Career Objectives
  2. Educational Goals

4) Metro Coursework

  1. GE Coursework
  2. Health Education Coursework
  3. Additional Coursework

5) Accomplishments

6) Community work

7) Contact Info

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