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Project Overview

In 2004, the MPH Program at SF State joined a growing international practice across many disciplines in higher education by requiring students to prepare an electronic portfolio. The MPH pioneered the use of ePortfolios at San Francisco State, which now has a more extensive ePortfolio Project.

Portfolios are used for assessment, development, and presentational purposes. During their MPH program, students use their "eFolio" sites to archive evidence from their academic classes, practice courses, internship and culminating experience projects. Portfolio development is a process allowing students to collect, select, reflect, build and publish their best work. The Culminating Experience requirement is fulfilled with completion of a final project, presentation and ePortfolio.

The electronic format of these portfolios allows students to archive a wider range of their work, using many different media sources. The MPH eFolios have been designed to support assessment, advising, and a deeper reflection on academic and professional development - ultimately demonstrating core competence in Community Health Education.

MPH ePortfolio Objectives

  • Provide students with the ability to develop an electronic portfolio demonstrating core competence in community health education through archived evidence (signature assignments, presentations, multimedia work, web-links etc.) from academic classes, practice courses, and culminating experience projects;
  • Develop ePortfolios using the portfolio process to "collect, select, reflect, build, publish, link and share" their academic work and their mastery of the responsibilities and competencies required for a master level health education;
  • Share their ePortfolios with Advisors, Faculty CE Committee members, and participate actively in a peer review for both formative and summative assessment of their MPH work;
  • Encourage students to showcase the professional, leadership, team, and communication skills that they have gained from the MPH program;
  • Support future employment opportunities and utilize ePortfolios to showcase skills in public health practice for further academic and professional development and international outreach as public health professionals;
  • Use ePortfolios to assess the MPH curriculum effectiveness in developing the master level core competencies in community health education.


MPH Culminating Portfolios Include:

  • A professional mission statement
  • Evidence of work across national competencies in public health
  • Community based and professional experience
  • Culminating experience report and presentation
  • Evidence of leadership skills


Professional competencies in Health Education are based upon the standards for the preparation of graduate public health practitioners established by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) and the American Association for Health Education (AAHE). The Diversity and Culture competency has been added by the SF State Health Education Department and involves evidence of the ability to work with diverse communities.

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The MPH ePortfolio Handbook can be downloaded below.

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