Project Overview:

In the fall of 2011 the Masters of Nursing Program launched their ePortfolio project after piloting the concept with a small group of students the previous spring. By the fall of 2013, the APO, MSN and BSN nursing programs all require ePortfolios.

Guidelines for Nursing ePortfolios:


Content also available in downloadable document linked below.

A well organized portfolio can help students document their professional development, demonstrate achievement of expected nursing competencies, showcase their use of the latest evidence in making nursing practice decisions, and articulate their professional philosophy. A portfolio shows a sample of the breadth and depth of a person's work. It is a visual resource for the presentation of a professional self in an engaging and accessible way. It allows students to define and highlight their own learning outcomes in ways that are meaningful to them and that are consistent with learner-centered education and demonstrate achievement of School of Nursing expected student learning outcomes. Students develop the finished portfolio over time using examples from School of Nursing course work, examples from non-nursing courses, and from professional experience.

The School of Nursing program is joining the ranks of other "early adopters" of electronic portfolios at SFSU. SFSU is a leader in the California State University (CSU) ePortfolio initiative and has been recognized as an ePortfolio Center of Excellence within the CSU system.

The ePortfolio will be assigned as part of the required course work for specific nursing courses in your nursing program. The faculty who assign the ePortfolio for the course will develop a rubric that will be used to assess your work. Plan to discuss the grading rubric with your faculty so that you are clear about faculty expectations for the ePortfolio. You should discuss faculty expectations regarding the uploading of specific examples of work that demonstrates achievement of specific nursing competencies.

The full overview document can be downloaded below.

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