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Project Overview:

The Department of Public Administration began utilizing electronic portfolios in 1999, starting with burning student materials onto a CD-Rom.   Even at that time, student assignments were carefully aligned with student learning goals.   CD-ROM portfolios continued until 2007, when Public Administration started working with Academic Technology to place student materials and narratives into a website with a template designed specifically for MPA students.

Students continued doing portfolios online as websites until Fall 2011, when the Department began utilizing efolios. The goal of the eportfolio is to have each student present what they have learned in their MPA degree program according to the Department's student learning goals, to format that work to present to potential employers and to give each student an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned. Please click here to view the comprehensive reference site for Public Administration students set up by project lead, Dr. Genie Stowers.


Excerpt from Guidelines for MPA Student Portfolios:

Every page, including the front page of the eportfolio, should contain a narrative and at least two or three examples of your work for the area. Images and / or videos or sound files can also be included.

Your eportfolio will include the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Career Objectives and Professional Goals
  • MPA Competencies
  • Knowledge of Public Administration
  • Knowledge of a Subfield within Public Administration
  • Professional Skills
  • Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Oral Presentation
  • Team Work / Leadership
  • Resume and Contact Information
  • Information about the MPA from the SF State Department of Public Administration

Finally, you need to write a two page reflective paper on your MPA degree, what you feel you have learned and how you intend to use, or perhaps even how you intend to leverage your newly minted degree.

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