Project Overview:

The TESOL Program at SF State had used portfolios for many years. In 2008 under the direction of several faculty members as one of the "early adopters" the TESOL program introduced students to the concept of ePortfolios.

Excerpt from TESOL ePortfolio Guidelines: A portfolio provides an opportunity to show a collection of work that represents your accomplishments as a TESOL professional. When you apply for a job, presenting all or part of your portfolio is an excellent way to show a potential employer who you are professionally.

The Department provides overall guidelines for selection and presentation of portfolio materials, but you are free to choose exactly what to include and how to organize the materials. The work selected is to be representative of your learning (reading, thinking, observations, research, writing, teaching, and TA/other practical experience) during the M.A. program and should show where you now stand in your career. The process of creating the portfolio will encourage you to review, integrate, and reflect on your learning and your future goals.

The portfolio documents should undergo thoughtful self-assessment and peer review before final submission of the complete portfolio to your faculty advisor. Thus, none of the documents should be first drafts; all should be polished drafts, revised and carefully proofread. It is your responsibility to arrange meetings with your faculty advisor and to make revisions in a timely manner in order to meet the announced deadlines.

The portfolio must be selective. In deciding what to include, ask yourself what essential knowledge and skills a particular item demonstrates about you that is not demonstrated elsewhere in the portfolio. Together, the items in the portfolio should showcase the breadth of your professional knowledge, research abilities, and practical teaching skills.

Goals of the portfolio:
(a) To demonstrate that you have achieved the level of mastery implied by an M.A. degree. To fulfill the University's M.A. Culminating Experience Requirement, you are required to demonstrate "ability to integrate content knowledge, independent thinking, critical analysis, and ... accuracy of documentation" [SFSU Bulletin]. (b) To demonstrate attainment of M.A. TESOL program goals. (c) To integrate learning from different courses in the program and from practical experience. (d) To strengthen the skills of self-reflection, self-assessment, and peer feedback. (e) To provide the basis for a professional teaching portfolio.

Full guidelines can be downloaded below.